Discovery Riflescope FFP 4-16×40

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Discovery Compact Hunting Optical Sight Riflescope FFP  4-16×40  Side Focus First Focal Plane Rifle Scope For .308


30 Diameter FFP Short Scope: This telescope has a 30mm diameter, 1st focal plane compact scope

Cost-effectiveness: This telescope has high performance, high quality, and relatively low price. It is a product with high cost performance in the market.

Large Field of View: This telescope has a large field of view, which can provide a wider field of view and a brighter view.

Ultra-thin wall: The telescope adopts an ultra-thin wall design, which makes the overall weight lighter, more convenient to use, and can also improve light transmittance.

High-definition highlight: Using advanced optical technology and coating technology, it can improve light transmittance and color reproduction, ensuring high-definition and high-brightness observation effects.

Large handwheel: Equipped with a large handwheel design, it can provide more precise focus adjustment and more convenient operation.

Waterproof: The telescope has a waterproof design, which can be used in bad weather and environment, effectively protecting the device from water or rain.

Anti-seismic: Anti-seismic design can effectively reduce vibration and improve observation stability and clarity.

Front and rear flaps: Equipped with a front and rear flap design, which can protect the lens and optical components from dust and pollution, and is also convenient for carrying and storage.

HT series:

High transmittance series


high transparency, high brightness and ultra light

Mainly for front and rear glass plate products, mainly with a 30MM integrated tube diameter, focusing on controlling the number of glass inside the optical system through optical design and improving coating technology to obtain higher transmittance and brightness, ensuring that the product can be used in low light and low It still has good transmittance and brightness performance when hunting under illumination conditions (early morning, evening and rainy days), while strictly controlling the overall weight of the product;


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