Diana 24 airgun

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(বাংলাদেশে শিকার নিষিদ্ধ। আপনি যদি শুটিং ক্লাবের সদস্য হোন, তাহলেই এয়ারগান কিনতে বা ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন। শুটিং প্র্যাকটিসের সময় সর্বেোচ্চ সাবধানতা অবলম্বন করুন।)

“The RWS Diana Model 24 J is a classic, spring piston, break-barrel air rifle, in 0.22 caliber (5.5 mm).  This one was manufactured in December of 1987.  It is 37-1/8 inches (94.3 cm) long overall, with a 13-11/32 inch (33.9 cm) barrel and a 12-5/8 inch (32.1 cm) length of pull, measured from the center of the butt to the deepest part of the curve of the trigger.  It weighs in at a svelte 5 pounds, 2.5 ounces (2.43 Kg).  It has a removable, hooded front sight clamped to a dovetail that is parallel to the barrel.  The front sight post within that hood comes to a triangular point.

The stock is the traditional, dark brown hardwood, but I think a prior owner may have shortened it.  The butt is not evenly perpendicular to the rest of the stock — it has a slight bevel making the left side a bit shorter than the right, and there are no characteristic grooves in the butt and no rubber buttons to hold the gun upright in the corner.  The barrel is held in place with a ball bearing detent.  The breech seal is a black synthetic O-ring, and I presume that the piston seal is also synthetic.

While I could not find much information on this specific model, I did find an exploded parts diagram online that had a handy inset showing the difference between the D model trigger, and some of the newer Diana triggers, including the T01 and the T02, T03, and T04 versions.  This Model 24 J’s trigger seems to be the same as the D trigger in the linked diagram.  Therefore, I believe my Model 24 J has a ball bearing sear.  The trigger is very adjustable with two adjustment screws.  However, a word of caution: the trigger’s adjustment screws do not behave like B.B. reported on his Diana Model 27.  I will explain in more detail after the next section.  If any of you have a Diana Model 24 D, I think that this J model would be identical except for its shorter barrel and stock.  I would be interested to know if I am right.”

(This review collected from Pyramid air).


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